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The Swingin 'Western style began in the 1930s, the beginning of the style known as Western Swing. We felt it was important to listen to and recognize lesser known musicians from that time, to show that the "Western Swing" was a great musical presence practiced by the greats of its time, such as Billie Holiday, Buddy Holly, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Frank Sinatra and many others.

A few of our highlights would be when Sun Prairie High School was part of a concert with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra at the Marsalis Center, preparing six Ellington compositions for the clinic. Another highlight was when the wind ensemble under the direction of Frank Ticheli helped to create the concert. The performance was beautiful and I couldn't stop crying during the performance, Mr. Ticsheli's magical work with our band.

He enjoyed a wide range of music, from the big band of the 1940s to Lana Turner and the New York Philharmonic, from jazz to classical music. He had so many interests and was a liveable and lovable person, open to all possibilities. We enjoyed car rides, whether small or long, including one-man concerts and dance moves.

Mr. Sveums's wind ensemble has been performing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for more than 40 years, most recently in 2010. She has also appeared at numerous state and federal conventions, including the Midwest Clinic with Wynton Marsalis. The Jazz Ensemble was also a finalist in the Wisconsin Jazz Ensemble of the Year competition and came third three times. It also performed with Mr. Ticheli, who conducted the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Symphony.

During his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he initially earned a degree in business administration. Mr. Sveum worked in jazz at Lincoln College, was a faculty member and member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Jazz Ensemble and the Illinois Jazz Orchestra. He hosted a number of radio shows, including "Jazz in Chicago," "Sam and Sam" and "Rochester," and was a guest host of the radio show "The New York Times." He received three honors as a professor of music at Illinois State University in all three districts of Illinois.

He joined the jazz band and played with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble and the Illinois Jazz Orchestra. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Music degree from Illinois State University in Chicago and a PhD in Music from Northwestern University.

I was asked if I wanted to do an interview or a recording session with the station and I saw him perform there. Beth's band played in Madison this week after I saw them in Appleton, so I came to see their band to show them the interview and the performance.

On June 9th, the group emerged from the edge of the prairie and carved the word "Sun Prairie" into a tree as the sun shone for the first time that day. The route then passes through downtown Madison and then follows US-151 northbound. And then Sun Prairie. Although the eastern part of Dane County is known as the Drumlin Swamp, most of it is part of the state's parking system. After the start of US 151, part of Madison - after - Sun - Prairie remained, but the eastern part was abolished to catch up with US 16.

The deposits found in the area include general glacial and marsh deposits and consist of many small, shallow glacial deposits that are insufficiently drained. To make matters worse, the town of Sun-Prairie is occasionally flooded.

The concept of the program is to present several styles that are rhythmically interesting and historically significant, whether rock, jazz, blues, country, rock "n" roll, folk, pop or country and western. The genres are: Rock'n "Roll, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, Funk and Country. It contains songs that the radio tunes in at the beginning of each song, as well as a variety of other genres. Art classes are also held, works of art are exhibited and the city presents itself at the art market with a local flavour.

The city of Sun Prairie is represented in Wisconsin state legislature, and at the federal level, the city represents the state of Wisconsin and the US Department of Health and Human Services. The conversation widens as if on the radio, as we welcome an episode discussing infant mortality.

The Madison exit, known as 135B, leads to US 151 North in Sun Prairie and is the only exit in the west of the city. The Madison, 135A exits lead to US 151 South and US 151 North, both located in the heart of the prairie south of Madison.

Sun Prairie is a city of land once bordered by the Mississippi, the Great Lakes and the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

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More About Sun Prairie