Sun Prairie Wisconsin History

Every year, Sun Prairie hosts the Sweet Corn Festival, which attracts over 100,000 people from across the Midwest. Quilting enthusiasts can take a closer look at the quilt, which has been sewn in the downtown store since 1975. Famous for its annual CornFest, held in August, Sun Prairie is home to one of the largest corn festivals in North America, with over 1,500 vendors and more than 500 vendors.

Don and Shirley Statz's home was built in the early 20th century in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, on the site of a former dairy farm. Some of Wisconsin's best ice cream is also available at the Main Street ice cream shop, just a few blocks from downtown. The next new family is the Stott family ice cream parlour, a popular destination for families with young children and young adults.

It was the home of Dr. Charles G. Crosse, the first physician in the city and the key to the development of Sun Prairie. Dr. Crosce built his house in the prairie of Sun in 1864, just a few years after his return from the West, where his regiment helped prevent the American Indians from joining the Confederacy.

The railway was completed in September 1859, with the village, but the route changed afterwards. The route was located at the intersection of US 151 and US 16 in the city of Madison and was graded and staggered. After that, the routes were changed and the eastern part was abolished to catch up with the US-16. In 1947, part of Mazomanie - Sun Prairie was relocated to Watertown, and an eastern terminus was moved. A section between Madison and Sun Prairie remained in place after the start of US 152 and remained on US 151 until the 1960s, when it was removed.

A December 1981 renovation added a second floor to the bank and expanded the drives - to include new customers as Sun Prairie grew from a small community to a thriving Madison suburb. The continued growth of the prairie led to the opening of two new full-service offices in 1990 and the bank opened its fourth office in 2002 as the community grew. In the fall of 2015, Bank of sun Prairie expanded on the west side of Sun Prairie and opened the Bank of sun Prairie Center, located at 695 S. Grand Ave., in the fall of 2015.

The eastern part of Dane County, known as the Drumlin Swamps, covers most of Sun Prairie, with a population of about 1,500 people in 2010.

I-90 is west of Sun Prairie, and the Madison exit, known as 135B, leads to US 151 North in Sun Prairie. The I-90 and I-94 intersections are located at the southern end of the city, with Sun Prairie heading toward Milwaukee, commonly known as "The Green Bay Bridge," where the two major highways, Interstate 94 and Interstate 90, converge.

The city of Sun Prairie was founded in 1846 and comprised the boroughs that make up the present city, as well as parts of the cities of Green Bay and Madison. The name remained for about a year when the office was given the name "Sun Prairie." When the village of Sun Prairie grew into a town, it was incorporated on July 1, 1851 as a town with a population of about 2,000. Dick and Elise settled in Sun Prairie in 1974 and have lived there ever since, along with their two sons Chris and Chris Jr.

On June 9th, a group emerged from the edge of the prairie and carved the word "Sun Prairie" into a tree as the sun shone for the first time that day. When they appeared on June 10 at the site of the Sun Prairie village, the sun shone and lit up the scene. The place was called Sun Prairie, and the name was engraved in the bark of an oak tree that stood nearby.

Because Sun Prairie had no freight train tracks south of the city, the only passenger trains serving the area, including Madison, were Amtrak and Empire Builder, which operated in the Midwest and Northwest of the United States. The route then passed through downtown Madison and then via the Wisconsin State Highway System (WSDOT) and the Milwaukee - Madison - Milwaukee Expressway (MBTA) to Sun Prairie, then following the route to and from Sun Prairie Village.

With the region's ever-growing demand for rail transportation, Sun Prairie Village's transportation system has had to adapt to the needs of its residents.

The downtown area of Sun Prairie is especially noteworthy, including the award-winning Cannery Square, named after the famous cannery of the same name in San Francisco, California. The Canneries Square site is now part of a major - temporary - redevelopment that Sun Prairie Downtown received in 2004, the first of its kind.

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